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 Your employees are your most valuable resource. Investing in their continued growth and development is essential to keep your business moving forward.

Jaye Holly has been doing training and staff development for decades. She has worked with staff in non-profit, corporate and government settings. She brings her vast experience with adult learners and her deep knowledge of the subject matter as it affects your bottom line. Her delivery provides deep content coupled with energy and humor to make the training event both meaningful and memorable.

The following are a few examples of suggested course topics, each of which will be tailored and customized to meet your company’s specific needs and culture. Whenever possible and appropriate, your company’s policies and procedures will be incorporated into the training, reinforcing the specific standards to which employees’ behavior will be held.



Regardless of title or position, everyone has the choice of whether or not to be a leader. How each of us acts on the choice affects our colleagues, our company and our customers. Explore the differences between managing and leading, while examining leadership styles and characteristics.


Too often, diversity training is about political correctness and not offending particular groups. This short-sighted approach ignores the boost to the bottom line that managing diversity truly represents. Examine the business case for diversity and address the pitfalls that some companies fall into when implementing diversity initiatives.

Harassment Prevention

When a company is sued for harassment, the payout may be substantial. However, there are other costs of harassment and they can be financially devastating as well. Learn what constitutes harassment, what it can cost your company and how to prevent it.

Performance Assessment: Making it Work

The annual performance review is loathed by supervisors and employees alike. Turn this annual drudgery into a high power tool that can help to maximize productivity and profitability, while helping to protect the company from liability.

Customer Service

Great service is about more than smiling and telling customers to have a good day. Connecting with customers, anticipating their needs, and exceeding their expectations are vital to survive in today’s marketplace, where your competitors are just a Google search away. Are your employees doing all they can to retain current customers and attract new ones?


The right presentation at a lunch or dinner meeting can set the tone and prepare your audience to face the challenges before them. The right opening address can propel a conference’s success. A winning keynote address is both style and substance. A wide variety of subjects can be customized to make a memorable keynote for your group.

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